Privacy Policy

Here at Auriga Trading, we always strive to provide the best products and services for the sole purpose of making you, our customer happy. 

Any personal information you supply to us when you use this Website voluntarily and with your consent will be used in accordance with our Privacy Policy and shall strictly be maintained and protected as per the federal and data privacy laws of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and per internationally-accepted standards. 

For Auriga Trading to perform the services in this website, you may need to provide the following information: 

  • Personal Information in setting and verifying your user account; 
  • Log file information; 
  • Credit/Debit information for processing payment; 
  • Complete name, address and contact details for deliveries; 
  • Shopping preferences; and 
  • Photos and videos in the feedback and product reviews. 

How we use your information: 

1. Auriga Trading and some of the companies we work with will collect, process, use, store, share and protect information in the website, mobile app and any software provided. 

  • Collection. Auriga Trading will collect only necessary information required in effectively providing its service. 
  • Processing. Auriga Trading may transfer information that we collect about you, including personal information across borders or jurisdiction to other countries around the world which may or may not have the same data protection laws of UAE or of your country or jurisdiction. By setting up your account and using our Service, you consent to these transfers where our third-party Service Provider maintain these storing facilities. 
  • Use. We may use any and all of your information to: 

a. perform the necessary services offered on this website; 

b. easily access and efficiently use our service; 

c. facilitate in providing payment and delivery information without re-entering them each time; 

d. personalize your shopping experience which could include ads and other forms of marketing and promotions; 

e. improve, test and monitor the effectiveness of our service 

f. diagnose and fix technology/system issues 

Auriga Trading will not use the information collected to identify a particular individual but solely for the purpose of maintaining and/or improving the overall customer service experience, except for specific instances provided herein. 

  • Storing. Auriga Trading stores your information in our local drives and may use third-party providers to help store, keep and maintain the data, whether within the UAE or outside the country. In case you opt to terminate or deactivate your account, we or our affiliates and service providers may retain information and user content for a commercially reasonable time for backup, archival and/or audit purposes. 
  • Sharing. Auriga may share information to third party providers and partners such as banks, couriers, ads agency and others. Auriga will not in any way rent or sell your information to any other party. 

Auriga may share any or all of the information with businesses that are legally part of the Auriga group (“Affiliates”) to perform legitimate acts and/or evaluate the services performed by Auriga Trading. 

In using and/or sharing these information, Auriga may remove parts of data that can specifically identify you and will only share anonymized data with other parties. Your information may also be combined with other information which will make an aggregated information. will not pass any debit/credit card details to third parties. All credit/debit cards’ details and personally identifiable information will NOT be stored, sold, shared, rented or leased to any third parties. 

  • Protection. Auriga Trading uses commercially reasonable safeguards and exerts its best efforts to ensure that your information collected by us are protected. However, Auriga Trading does not guarantee that the information you provide to Auriga Trading will not be accessed, disclosed, altered or destroyed. 

Manner of Collection and Use of information: 

Cookies and similar technologies. Auriga Trading may use cookies and similar technologies to collect information on how you use our services. Further, we may ask our advertisers and other partners to serve ads and/or services to you which may use cookies or similar technologies placed by us or the third party. 

Analytics. We use third-party analytics tools to help us measure traffic, usage, shopping behaviors, patterns and trends. These tools collect information that assists Auriga Trading in improving our products and services. These analytics information are collected and used from any or all our users, but it cannot be used to identify any particular individual user. 

Others. Auriga Trading may from time to time, implement software, system or device that may affect your personal information to improve customer experience, overall performance of the website and delivery of service. The implementation however will be carefully considered, taking into consideration the safety and security of your personal information and the commitment we have under this Privacy Policy. 

Your Options regarding Your Information: 

You can: 

1. update your information by logging in to your account and update your profile from time to time; 

2. opt-out or unsubscribe from our promotional emails, links and other notices. However, for service-related communications such as, but not limited to, account verification, purchases, billing, inquiries regarding orders, security notices, etc., no opt-out option is available; 

3. share your experience in our website or social media by providing feedback and review through the use of photos, videos, personal narrative regarding our products and services; 

4. terminate or deactivate and cease using our website and service. 

Your obligation: 

1. You are solely responsible for the accuracy and ownership of all data you supplied; 

2. Likewise, you are responsible for maintaining secrecy of your unique password and account information at all times; 

3. Ensure that your privacy settings are in accordance to your preference in sharing your experience with us through social media services. Auriga Trading is not responsible for the functionality, privacy and security measures of any other entity. 

4. The is not responsible for the privacy policies of websites to which it links. If you provide any information to such third parties, different rules regarding the collection and use of your personal information may apply. You should contact these entities directly if you have any questions about their use of the information that they collect. 

Legal Requests and Security Enforcement: 

In the detection and prevention of fraud, harm and other illegal activities, for protection of the company, the users, including you, and others, we may access, preserve and share information to authorities, including as part of investigations. 

Likewise, Auriga Trading may access, preserve and share or disclose information in response to a legal request, i.e. search warrant, subpoena and court orders as per law and if there is a reasonable belief and in good faith that such response is required by law in that jurisdiction, affects users in that jurisdiction and is consistent with internationally recognized standards. 

In such instance, processing, storing and retention of the relevant information may be extended, subject to the requirements of the enforcing authority. 

Changes and Modification. 

Auriga Trading reserves the right to change, revise, amend and update this Privacy Policy from time to time at its sole discretion. Such change or modification will be published in this website and Auriga Trading may provide other forms of notice regarding the same. Your continued use after any modification constitutes your acceptance of such modification. 

If for any reason, Auriga Trading sells or transfers part or the whole of its assets or business to other organization, your information, profile or other user content information collected by us may be among the items sold or transferred. Auriga Trading ensures that the new owner will honor our commitments under this Privacy Policy. 

For any questions, concerns and clarifications regarding this Privacy Policy, please contact +971 2 641 5554.